Your safety comes first… after that, we want you to have fun!

Who can slide?

Little people can slide! Children must be 3 years old to ride the Trippo. Children under 1.06m tall must ride with someone 16 years or older. The child must sit between the adult’s legs, and both adult and child must slide face forward, feet first. Adults – if you’re up for it, you can slide too!

How to slide

The Trippo is a feet first, forward facing slide, for single sliders only, unless you’re a child sliding with an adult.

Listen to our Operators

We love good listeners! Sliders and spectators must adhere to the instructions of operations staff at all times. Management reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any persons deemed to be compromising the safety of themselves and/or others on, in, or around the Trippo.

No pushing or running past others in line

Racing down Trippo makes you want to slide again and again. That’s what we want, too. But be respectful of others, watch out for little people and older folk, and wait your turn in line.

No jumping off the slide

We’re not sure why anyone would do this but if you’re thinking about it, don’t. Please exit the slide at the designated points only.

Keep pool toys at home

Your body is all you need to have fun on Trippo. Please leave all water toys, mats, etc. at home.

Wear appropriate clothing

Jeans, shorts, and other clothes have zips and other hardware that aren’t Trippo friendly. To keep you and our slide in top form, wear your bathers or boardies when sliding. Rashies are a good idea on a hot day. If you’re a cold frog, wear a wettie.

Accessories and sharp objects can harm the Trippo and YOU!

You may be asked to remove your bits. Shoes, sunglasses, and jewellery aren’t welcome on the Trippo. Piercings, facial jewellery or similar sharp objects may harm the Trippo or YOU!

No riding whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs

This is not cool! We can and will refuse you entry or ask you to leave.

Other Helpful Information

The Trippo meets all Australian Standards and is registered for use by all relevant Health and Safety Authorities around Australia

Our water is chlorinated and our slides are kept very clean.

Trippo is a safe attraction; however, it is a high-speed water slide. In the unlikely event that you’re injured, please report immediately to a Trippo staff member. We want to know what happened, and we have a first-aider trained to look after you!